Frequently Asked Questions


What was the nature of Toyota Motor Credit Corporation’s (TMCC’s) recent agreement with the federal agencies?
Did TMCC discriminate in this matter?
If TMCC didn't discriminate, why did the company settle this matter?
Why did TMCC receive an inquiry and what specifically is being investigated across the industry?
What were the specific terms of the agreement?
Is TMCC subject to criminal or civil penalties?
Who are affected borrowers?
What's the difference between TMCC and TFS?

Fair Lending Principles

What is the company’s “Fair Lending Policy” and what does it mean?

A Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

What’s TMCC’s role in promoting diversity and inclusion in its business practices?
Can you give me some specific examples of this commitment?

Consumer Loans

Does this affect my existing loan or agreement with TMCC?
If I believe I may be an affected borrower – what’s the next step?